Girl with the Dragon Tatoo on Fire

Read all the books. Skipped alot. The movies though are good. No Hollywood splash, just a good story. Great acting from main character. There is nudity and sexual violence and it is a Swedish movie so there is sex…rather explicit. But if you read the books, and even if you didn’t you will want to see the movies. I am looking forward to the third one. Does anyone know if it is out yet?

4 thoughts on “Girl with the Dragon Tatoo on Fire

  1. Hi Beth, I haven’t read the books yet. When I do I’ll let you know how I did or didn’t like them. We have satellite TV and the first two movies were on so I watched them. According to Wikipedia the 3rd movie was released in Canada this year but limited. DVD and Blu-ray due out in January 2011.
    Also, an American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is being filmed.
    With Daniel Craig as Blomkvist – I didn’t recognize the name of the actress playing Salander.

    • We knew the American version was coming out, but I personally like the current ones. Love the female character and the journalist looks like an ordinary guy, not some gorgeous hollywood hunk. I enjoyed the books, the first one more so than the others as it was a quicker read. The last one, though it brought all the characters and events to a conclusion, was very long and drawn out in parts. I skipped a lot, so did Megan.
      Thanks for subscribing to my blog. You are the first…the first is always special! 🙂

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