Hypnotized and Healed

I guess I’m a keener. Either that or when I see a good deal, I jump on it. Think about, I’m attending a workshop where an internationally known Clinical Psychologist and Hypnosis Expert asks for volunteers. Do you really think I’m going to stay quiet?

Here’s what happened:

Dr. Weisberger’s voice filled the room with a gentle but confident timbre. About six feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes, he immediately strikes you as the kind of doctor comfortable to be around. When he looks at you, you know he’s is fully engaged with what you are saying, and is completely committed to your good health. Opening the lecture by asking us questions about our beliefs about patients, pain, disease, hypnotherapy, etc, immediately engaged us in his presentation.

His speciality is Psychoneuroimmunology, the study of how the mind and the neurological system, effects immunity. In other words how your beliefs and emotions impact health. The research is profound in its quantity and quality. And the information he shared both rich with possibilities and overwhelming with implications.

What was the deal with volunteering? Well, at the beginning of his presentation he said he would be willing to do a demonstration and anyone interested could come talk to him at the break. I was the first and only participant to volunteer (I think psychologists and doctors might need to think about why they don’t volunteer). My thinking was….it’s a free treatment! This guy charges one heck of a lot of money per session….I got the cost of the workshop back in therapy! Plus I get to experience first hand how his techinque works!

Unfortunately, sometimes I leap…well okay, a lot of the times, I jump without thinking it through. He asked me what I would like to have him work on. I said my IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, as that is his speciality and I wanted to make it easy for him. It wasn’t till I got back to my seat that I started thinking about what I’d done. A lecture hall of over a hundred people wanting to know about my …. bowels and how I can best manage the spasms and pain. Gulp!

Want to know what happened? Sorry, but I’m tuckered out from a long day away from my dogs, so check tomorrow for the motility metaphor!

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