Local Food a Fad?

Tonight, while John and I watched ‘Chuck’, an hour long program, three grocery store commercials used local food as a marketing theme. They flashed images of local products and the farm families that produce it, with suitably convincing dialogue. Is local food a fad…for the moment? Are the grocery stores responding to demand and capitilizing on a sexy trend or are they seriously committed to supporting local farmers and providing our communities with high quality food? What do you think? Does it matter?

3 thoughts on “Local Food a Fad?

  1. Yes I think it is a trend yes I think that markets are responding yes I think that is a good thing. No I don’t think it can go away as we will have more and more trouble affording imported food. I do not want to find fault with anyone who promotes local for whatever reason. We still all benefit even if their purpose is not aligned with mine the awareness of local food can only benefit somewhere along the way.

  2. Fads fizzle. Trends continue, gathering momentum as they go. Consumer demand for local food is growing, outpacing early adapters long ago, moving more and more mainstream.

    Smart food stores simply identified a market need, fill it and will continue doing so as long as that proves profitable. Many have adopted local as one of their core values. Promoting suppliers puts a “face” on foods. It’s an advertiser’s dream theme. Warm and fuzzy sells!

    Look for prolong market interest in all things local.

    In the meantime, the definition of local needs some clarification. Does local mean food grown within 100 miles, one day away by transport or grown by producers in my own community?

    • A local organic farm experienced a major downturn in their summer box program this year. Why was that? Was it the increased number of farmer’s markets? Increased availability of organic at grocery stores? Or was the interest in local fizzling? What do you think? Please take the poll on what local means to you!

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