GMO in Baby Formula

I like knowing what’s in my food. That when I read ‘potato’, all I’m getting is … well… potato! Unfortunately, if it isn’t an organically grown potato, I may be getting more than just a spud! I may be getting genetic material from a fish or a frog or some other foreign organism. I just want  a potato.

Okay, so I only buy organic potatoes (actually I have pounds of them from my garden), but what about products that contain several ingredients, including GMO potatoes, or GMO soy, or GMO corn? Especially the ones that aren’t emblazoned with “This product contains genetic material from another species.”  I could make the choice to avoid these packaged, processed products or I could stick to ones that have an organic, non gmo stamp.

But what about the products you wouldn’t in a million years consider tainted? Infant formula and baby food for example! That’s right. Soy is the second most genetically modified organism sold today, and is often the base of many infant formulas. Milk, another basic ingredient, is often from cows injected with rbGH and corn, the biggest genetically modified experiment of them all, may be added in the form of corn syrup or corn solids. Argh!

Here’s the infant formulas to avoid: Beech-Nut, Enfamil, Good Start, Nestle, Similac/Isomil.  Check out for more info on avoiding GMO foods. Let me know what you think! Are you avoiding GMO foods? Do you think they are a good thing or a bad thing?

Point of interest: Powell River is designated a GMO free zone! No GMO seeds are allowed!

2 thoughts on “GMO in Baby Formula

  1. There goes my soy latte! Scary stuff! Thanks for the website reference Beth. Now….either we all move to Powell River or we move on city hall to have our own home town designated a GMO free zone!

    • When I began breast feeding Megan, 23 years ago, I read a report about the Nestle corporation promoting their nutritionally inferior formula to third world moms. Their rationale and promotional theme was that their formula was ‘better’ than breast milk and they pushed that idea to poverty stricken women in ways that were threatening and intimidating. I was incensed and decided to boycott anything Nestle produced. I haven’t stopped boycotting them.
      It seems many people believe that companies making products like baby formula, do so with the infants best health in mind, or they may believe our government will protect their child from inferior products or dishonest manufacturers.
      Corporations do not have health promotion in mind when they create a product. Their number one motivation is the bottom line…profit. When we purchase products sold by socially and environmentally irresponsible companies we are providing them with that profit.
      Nestle has very kindly provided us with a list of their products. Feel free to check them out. Then consider where your food comes from, not just where it is grown or made but who benefits from it`s sales.

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