Trauma Farm

Brian Brett lives on Trauma Farm, runs naked in the moonlight, hauls hay in the rain, hangs with an eclectic Salt Spring Island crowd and eats breakfast only after dealing with all the ‘trauma’ of rural life. He writes about his many exploits in an award winning book called, amazingly, Trauma Farm. The book is an hilarious and beautifully written account of Bretts life as a rural farmer.  But it’s more than just an accounting of daily events. Brett masterfully weaves a history of traditional farming with the dangers agribusiness poses to the quality of our food.

His writing is at times poetic, humourous, passionate and real. Well researched and entertaining the book, in my opinion, should be a required read for every high school student. It is so much more than a memoir, he calls it a “Rebel History of Rural Life.” I call it eye opening!

For pictures of the Salt Spring Island Farm and more reviews check out 

If you read it, let me know what you think!

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