Writing Exams at 52

I celebrated my 52nd birthday a few days ago. The next day, I wrote an exam. The day after that, I wrote another exam. The first exam was on infant and child development, the next one on neuropsychology. If you’re wondering why a 52 year old, menopausal woman is writing exams, you’re not alone. I’m wondering it myself. I wondered last week as I condensed 70+ pages of notes into ten. I wondered on my birthday as friends and family blessed me with gifts, well wishes and sage advice for aging gracefully. I wondered this morning before entering the neuro exam reading over my notes one more time and I wondered as I read questions on the test I had no idea how to answer.

At 52, you’d think I’d be settled in to my life, enjoying the freedom of an almost empty nest, and content in a 26 year relationship that’s developed nicely into a solid friendship. So why am I writing exams, studying till my brain hurts, and fretting over a mark someone else gives me for what they think I know or don’t know?

Hell if I know!

2 thoughts on “Writing Exams at 52


    • After I wrote the exam yesterday I wanted to treat myself. Thought of food first, of course. But in the second thought…in the long run, that isn’t a treat for me. Thought about going to Chapters and getting a new book, but you buy a book without knowing for sure it’s a good read and you may be disappointed that you wasted your money. So I stopped at the library, picked up a titillating romance novel, a well-loved western, a couple of mysteries and a book for John on spies and conspiracies. Tried to read the romance last night….failed! Couldn’t get in to it. But I have five more to try! I’ll let you know if they are any good. Tonight it will be a totally entertaining and escapist move…Chronicles of Narnia

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