Goodbye Favourite Frisbee

Megan, Zack, the dogs and I drove to Victoria this morning. While Megan met with her advisors, hatching new and impressive projects, Zack and I got lunch at Planet Organic on McKenzie Street. I get a little over enthusiastic at places like this. All that delicious food, not lathered in oil, dairy or egg; gluten free and clearly labeled with exactly what went into it’s makeup. Crisp, green kale with bright purple cabbage, sunflower seeds and onions, yams; pecans, celery and onions gently tossed with vegannaise, and sesame baked tofu, lightly seasoned with a satisfyingly firm texture. Zack ordered beer glazed prawns and an BC albacore tuna sandwich.

We took this delightful repast to Willow Beach in Cardova Bay, a few blocks from where Megan rents a room. It’s a lovely white sand beach, with weathered drift wood. Six male grebe paddled close to shore with the sunshine illuinating their brightly coloured red crests. It was stunningly beautiful and quiet enough to let the dogs play in the sand and chase waves.  Though the tide was in, there was enough sand to walk without getting wet feet, so Zack took Willie’s favourite frisbee to throw. Willie has turned in to a frisbee dog. Agility he enjoys, but frisbee catching, he is obsessed over. This particular frisbee is his absolutely best friend. I’ll throw it for him a few times off the deck into the backyard, and after a few returns I’ll let him ‘go play’. He flips it in the air, rolls it around on the ground, buries it in the chickens hay and then enthusiastically digs it out and then bounces it into our giant hammock. He adores the thing. So when Zack took it out of the car, Willie was beside himself with joy.

Then Zack threw it into the ocean, just the right distance out so Willie wouldn’t have to swim too far. It sank, the frisbee. To the bottom. Out of sight. Zack turned to me with an incredulous look, as though someone had played a trick on him and he couldn’t believe he fell for it. I sat in the car with mouth open. Willie swam in circles trying to find any hint of the location of his best friend. When the dog hauled himself out of the water he simply looked at us expectantly for a few minutes, then ran off and found a stick. So much for true love.

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