How Does Mind Medicine Work?

Healing is usually thought of as a physical process. The body is hurt so initiates a variety of mechanisms to repair the injury. In many cases, we don’t need to direct this symphony of healing, only support it. Conventional Western medicine views this process in a linear and physiological way and treats it as such with chemicals and procedures aimed at treating either the injury or symptoms of the injury. It’s a very specific but limited view of the healing process, and one that science has discovered is not always enough.

We are holistic creatures, operating in a system made up of spirit, mind, emotion and society. Therefore, healing, any kind of healing, needs to happen in an environment where all of these factors are encouraged. When any part of that system is damaged or impaired, other areas are impacted as well. So without considering the whole person, innate and optimal healing potential cannot be activated or accessed.

Many in the medical community acknowledge that current medical treatment protocols are not comprehensive enough. And though medical doctors manage the area of life and death, they are not trained in the job of mediating within this holistic system. ;

The Mind Medicine Method is a comprehensive program that complements any medical or naturopathic treatment. It provides the client with a proven, and effective method of accessing their own inner intelligence.

How does the Mind Medicine Work?

Take a moment right now to picture an image. It can be from your imagination or from an event that happened earlier in the day. Perhaps it’s related to a feeling of happiness, anger, frustration, or peace? Remember how it felt.

In remembering that event and emotion, your brain lit up like a lightening storm. Surges of electrical currents coursed throughout your brain and body.  And measurable and quantifiable changes occurred in specific organs and organ systems. For instance, your pancreas and adrenal glands secreted a few extra hormones, your spleen and thymus gland gave the signal for slight changes in your immune system and your heart rate and lungs altered their rhythm, causing slight fluctuations in blood flow. All this from a single remembered thought and emotion!

In an instant you changed how your brain was working.  You impacted how your body behaved through guiding specific and distinct changes in thought formation. And you didn’t just initiate those changes in the present either. You also changed how your brain works in the next moment and even into the future.

Let’s get more specific. Can you remember a time when you felt really joyful? It could be from an event, like the birth of a child, or taking an enjoyable walk with your dog. If you can’t remember an experience, that’s okay, because you can always imagine what it would be like to feel happiness and joy. Now, build that memory or image. Feel it, smell it, hear it. Focus your attention on developing the image of how you looked or would look.  What would you be saying? How would you stand? What would you be wearing?

When we focus our attention on the feeling of joy, the brain circuits and neurotransmitters produced during a real episode of happiness, are activated.  In other words, when we imagine joy, our brain experiences it as being real.

This works the same with pain. When we focus our attention on pain, the experience of pain can be accentuated because the circuits for perceiving pain have been activated. How many of you, when experiencing pain of some kind, sit down and focus on the pain? Does that make it better or worse? Usually it makes it worse. But what happens when your attention is diverted to something other than your pain? Does the pain diminish; do you have a moment of forgetting you were even in pain? When we put our full awareness on something other than pain, the brain circuits for pain are deactivated. Conversely, when we check in to see if the pain is gone, we reactivate those circuits.  Here’s the interesting bit: the pain circuit and all its connections are strengthened every time it fires off.  Which is why people with chronic pain are more acutely aware of pain perception. Neurologically they have a well-developed pain pathway.

Let’s apply this concept of well-worn pathways to feelings of joy and happiness. The more you experience joy and happiness the more joy and happiness you can feel because your brain becomes hyper aware of joy perception. The circuits and chemicals involved in being happy become easier for your brain to access and experience. Here’s the kicker: your brain can’t tell the difference between reality and what you imagine!  In other words, you can build those well-worn pathways by imagining joy and happiness.

The Mind Medicine Method helps you find those negative and self-limiting well-worn pathways and create new more positive and healing pathways.

Early in the 1990’s Joe Dispenza was a fit and healthy triathlete, beginning a brand new career as a chiropractic doctor. He was enthused and excited to start his new career. Unfortunately, plans for his practice suddenly change when, participating in a triathlon, he was broadsided by an SUV.

Ten vertebrae were shattered, some of the spinous processes actually shifted position.  He was immobile and in desperate straits. The doctors agreed, that without surgery, he would be paralyzed and with surgery he knew he faced a life of pain and discomfort.

At that point, Dispenza made a life altering decision. He refused the surgery and chose to use a combination of diet and Mind Medicine to fuse his vertebrae and heal his damaged spine.

Within six weeks he was swimming.  Within a few months he was walking. Twenty years later he is pain free and active. Dispenza applied the principles of Mind Medicine by engaging the power of his mind to rewire his belief about pain and recovery. 

In the past ten years, science has confirmed that our emotions, thoughts and beliefs can not only direct our behaviour but also impact the expression of our genetic potential. Ancient practices like qigong, meditation and visualization have been accessing this power for centuries. The Mind Medicine Method combines these tried and true techniques with current science to create a highly effective tool for not just healing injuries, but also optimizing total and holistic health: mind, body and spirit.

Are negative thoughts and beliefs keeping you from experiencing life to the fullest? You can change them. Is your health where you want it to be? You can build it. Do you want more control over the expression of your genetic potential? It is within your grasp.

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