Ten Mind Medicine Techniques

The Mind Medicine Method shows you how to create an Inner Dispensary of healing for the present and future. Here are ten Mind Medicine Method techniques for using the power of your mind for optimizing your genetic potential.

1. Before you get out of bed, get your gratitude journal, and write five things you are grateful for!
2. Take five to ten more minutes in bed to meditate. It can be as simple as performing the seven sighs or listening to a meditaton CD.
3. Create your own affirmation and practice it every day, throughout the day. Eg. I am healthy, I attract love to me.
4. Visualize what your affirmation looks like. In other words how do you look, feel, talk, etc., as a healthy person, as a person that attracts love.
5. Add strong emotion to your vision by tying it to a memory of you healthy, or attracting love, or imagining the bliss, and enjoyment of both.
6. Give your brain and body the necessary nutrients for making the changes you desire. Your mind can orchestrate amazing, healthful changes in your body, but only if it has the right fuel!
7. Ensure proper hydration. Your brain uses electrical energy for delivering messages. Water improves conductivity!
8. Throughout the day, practice simple induction methods for entering alpha and theta brain wave states to initiate repair and regeneration.
9. In bed at night, before you drift off to sleep, practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Start at your toes and work up, tightening and relaxing muscles.
10. As you relax your body before sleep, suggest your dreams help you resolve or clarify specific issues.

These are some of the Mind Medicine Method’s simple techniques for building better brains, and creating optimal health. I’ve also created two free and downloadable reports on Top Ten Stress Reduction Techniques and Top Ten Meditation Techniques. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Ten Mind Medicine Techniques

    • I know. The more I learn the more I want to learn. We have so much power. Today on TV a physicist said we, as a species, have evolved as far as we can….I don’t think so. What neuroscience is finding out about how the brain works is opening up all sorts of possibilities for evolving our brains! Now if we can only evolve enough to clean up our mess….that would be progress!

  1. Thanks for this, Beth. Your techniques are simple, easy to follow and very “doable” – I appreciate your post very much, and your suggestion to read it !!

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