101 Ways to Build Brain Power-#8-Brainwaves & Focus

We’ve been talking about maintaining and regaining the ability to focus. Well there is a technology that can actually encourage your brain to become more focused and to concentrate better and all you have to do is listen to the sound of waves or raindrops!

Let me give you some background information on brainwaves and how they contribute to the level of consciousness you are in at any given time.


This is the state associated with being wide-awake. You’re alert, focused and engaged in conversation, physical activity and reading or writing this article. In this state of consciousness your brain resonates at frequencies ranging from 13 hz to 40 hz.


These wavelengths are slower than the Beta brainwaves, operating at between 8hz and 12 hz. At this level you are in a state of relaxed mental awareness, you might be feeling a bit sleepy or you may experience a feeling of being on autopilot. During this state you may tend to be more contemplative and creative, you’re able to visualize more effectively and solve problems more adeptly.


Brainwaves at the theta level are even slower than alpha and represent a deep state of relaxation. In this state, just before you fall asleep or while meditating, you can experience heightened creative ability, intense dreams, major stress relief, deep relaxation, and inspiration. Thirty minutes a day of Theta wave meditation can boost your immune system, improve mood and decrease pain. At this level your brainwave frequency corresponds to frequencies between 4 hz and 8 hz.


Ah, blessed delta, the slowest and most rejuvenative brainwave state.  It represents a deep dreamless sleep and is normally only achieved during a regular sleep cycle. In this the state the brain and body can heal and regenerate.  Though you usually attain this state during sleep you can train yourself to reach this level of consciousness through meditation and mindful awareness.  At this level of consciousness your brainwave corresponds to 0hz-4hz.

These are normal levels of consciousness we experience throughout our day. Granted we don’t want to get into delta while driving and we certainly don’t want to linger in beta while trying to sleep, however, they are normal states of mind we all can and do achieve.

When we are in a relaxed alpha state we’re able to dampen outside distractions and become more focused. This state is desirable to reduce stress and do the work of changing negative beliefs to more positive ones. In a hypnosis session, I help clients reach a state of relaxation or alpha brainwave state so as to create images, affirmations and visualizations of resourceful, uplifting and healing thoughts. In some cases, the client moves deeper into a theta state and discovers an inspirational insight into a challenging situation or problem.

Fortunately, there are ways of duplicating these sessions at home using a brainwave technology both John and I use regularly. It really is extraordinary. It uses binaural beats to stimulate your brain into specific wavelengths. It’s even used to improve concentration and attention in children with ADD or ADHD.

We use the Focus CD with rain and listen to it while meditating, although I also use it as background when I’m studying. It really works. I’ve included links to the website where you can order your own CD’s. As I was looking around the site I noticed they have a new CD out…Writers Mind…guess I’ll be ordering that one!

8 down, only 93 to go! Please leave comments, ideas, or suggestions. Your words keep me going, inspired, focused and excited!

copyright 2011 @ Meza Health Systems, Inc.

3 thoughts on “101 Ways to Build Brain Power-#8-Brainwaves & Focus

  1. Hi Beth,
    Your writing is very entertaining, inspiring and most of all very insightful. I just started doing hypnosis myself and have started adding it to my Jin Shin Do® Mindbody Acupressure™ sessions. Have a long way to go though to know and explain all the benefits as eloquently as you do. Thanks for taking the time to share your information.

    • The more I read about hypnosis, the more I like it. Of course, the more I study about the brain the more I like that too!

        When you connect the mind and body and spirit in a holistic approach to wellness, the healing potential grows exponentially!
        Sure appreciate your comments, gosh, eloquent? Me? I’m working on it! Thanks a lot for your kindness!
  2. Similar to NXTLynk proven technology from New Reality Canada. Same binaural beats, with added LED light glasses and auto-suggestion messages help create a state of “presence adaptation”. Programs from Accelerated Learning to Weight Loss. Special programs like Stillness by Deepak Chopra. The Mental Side of Hockey,is first in a series of sport programs coming from top athletes & sport professionals.

    CVR (Creative Visualization & Relaxation) relaxes muscles, slows heart rate, decreases blood pressure, creating the ‘relaxation response’ – the perfect state for learning, healing and focusing on your goals. Shift from wide-awake Beta to dreamy, drowsy Theta as the session progresses. While brain wave activity follows the NXTLynk pulse rate, the unconscious mind learns to rehearse the changes and improvements you desire. Benefits include 21% increase in Serotonin, 25% increase in Endorphins, improved sleep and soaring energy levels.

    Demos on the new portable Key(size of an i-pod) are available.

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