#14 Things To Do To Grow Brain Power

Tip #14 Things To Do To Grow Brain Power

In Alzheimer’s disease one of the first areas to deteriorate is the hippocampus. Located in the medial temporal lobe (kind of in the middle of your brain), it plays an important role in long-term memory and spatial navigation. You don’t want to be missing any parts of this structure. You really want to be building it. I can hear you all thinking…how?

By learning to juggle you can increase specific areas in your hippocampus! That’s right! Learn to juggle three balls and you may be improving your memory.

A study with elderly patients showed increases in grey matter on the left side of the hippocampus as well as changes to the middle temporal area of the visual cortex. Pretty impressive for just playing with balls!


  • Get three juggling bags or make your own and learn how to juggle! Don’t forget, practice makes perfect and also helps maintain that new grey matter.

Check out this how to Juggling Video by Jason Garfield


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