#16 Mind Medicine Method-Inner Dispensary

The principle behind Mind Medicine is to create an inner dispensary of healing potential.  A back up reserve of energy that can be called upon in times of emotional, spiritual and physical need.  Physically, this inner dispensary provides extra nutrients and fuel in times of illness and stress.

When our body becomes ill or toxic, certain nutrients are needed for repairing the injured or stressed system. If these nutrients are in short supply, other systems or nutrients try to help out. A cascade of deficiencies ensues! The Mind Medicine Method shows you how to ensure adequate and viable reserves of energy and nutrients, not just mentally or spiritually, but also physically.

My sister called today to share more of her test results. One of her numbers was a bit low. We thought she might be anemic, which would tie in with her fatigue and sleepiness. We immediately thought of vitamin B12.

Some of the most vital nutrients for neuronal growth and vitality are the B vitamins, four in particular. One of the most important is B12.

Here is a sampling of what B12 does:

  • Helps in the normal metabolism of nerve tissue
  • Required for the synthesis of DNA
  • Needed for the formation of myelin sheath (fatty covering over nerves that speeds transmission of signal along nerve cell)
  • Ensures normal development of red blood cells
  • Promotes absorption of carotene and conversion of vitamin A
  • Helps energize especially in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Impressive little vitamin! Here’s the kicker. It needs hydrochloric acid and intrinsic factor as well as calcium for proper absorption. But as we get older, hydrochloric acid levels decline, preventing the absorption of vitamin B12.

The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency read like a who’s who of cognitive decline, poor memory, reduction in reasoning skills, and mood disorders, to name a few. Most of these symptoms don’t even appear right away. They may take up to five years to develop. In severe cases a deficiency can lead to soreness and weakness in the legs and arms, diminished reflex response and sensory perception, difficulty walking and speaking, disorientation, neuritis and in elderly patients it can even mimic Alzheimer’s disease.

Over the next three or four tips I will be talking more about the B vitamins. They work more efficiently when taken together so I’ll give you the recommended dosages after the next few tips.

Several years ago, a friend of mine complained of feeling extremely tired. When she woke up in the morning she felt like she could climb back into bed for another eight hours. She barely had the energy to get through the day. I suggested she try vitamin B12 shots. My husband is a naturopathic physician, and administers the injections regularly to many of his patients. My friend now goes in regularly for her energy shot.  She says it works like a charm and she no longer drags herself through the day. Simple remedy for an all too common condition.

Special Note

Vegans and individuals who avoid animal products may want to supplement their diet as fermented food products and seaweed do not have adequate levels of this vitamin. Those with autoimmune conditions, like my sister, may be unable to make intrinsic factor. This could prevent the absorption of the vitamin so regular blood tests should be performed and a supplement taken.

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