B12 and B Vitamins

Just a quick note to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about the B vitamins. The Beet Juice research was brand new and I wanted to get it out there for you, especially as it’s time to start planning your detox!

I’ll pick up on the B vitamins in the next tip!

And about the beet juice recipe? If you use one of each you’ll get a different flavour every time. You can use one small beet and one large carrot and one medium apple or you can use one medium beet, one small carrot and one large apple. Each blend/size will provide a different flavour. As veggies vary in size, depending on the season, go ahead and get creative with whatever you have on hand. Especially if it’s from your own garden….mmmmmm!

One thought on “B12 and B Vitamins

  1. Carrot, beet, garlic, ginger is a great mix. Also carrot, beet, apple; carrot, beet, cucumber; carrot, beet, orange juice.

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