#20 Things to Do to Build a Better Brain-Goals

Two years ago I decided to fulfill a mid-life dream and buy a motorcycle. I found and bought a used Honda Goldwing and signed up for a six-week training course.

One of the classes involved watching a video and learning what not to do. It’s important to understand this; motorcycles aren’t particularly forgiving when they meet the pavement.

The instructor set the film up well. Explaining how when we look where we want to go our body immediately orients itself in that direction.  He added that the same thing happens when you look at where you don’t want to go: your body orients itself to the concrete or tree you don’t want to hit.

The video pressed home the point. It showed a man on a motorcycle looking at the bush on the side of the road where a deer had just disappeared, not at the corner he should have been gliding around. He followed the deer and went skin to skin with blacktop and gravel.

When we don’t have clear life goals, it’s hard to see where we’re going. It’s even harder to stay heading in the right direction.

It’s like we’re driving through life on a motorcycle, there’s a corner up ahead leading to a fork in the road, maybe it represents poor health, a change in relationship, or looming retirement, either way it’s a turn in the road and you’ve got to aim the bike in the right direction or crash.

If you don’t know where you’re going, if you don’t understand your destination, you won’t know what direction to look at let alone which way to turn. You’ll be looking at the side of the road or the tree that sits in the middle of the fork or the concrete divider waiting at the side of the road.

With clear goals you know what direction to look in, you know where you want to go, and your whole body orients itself to that place and gets you there safely.

Do you know what your goals are for your brain? Is it to beat the family history of Alzheimer’s disease, heart attack, stroke, cancer or dementia? Is it to enhance creativity or stimulate new learning? Is it to develop an inner dispensary of healing reserves? Or is it all of the above. If so, get that goal clearly defined and write it down. That way, when you read the different tips you’ll be able to pick out the ones that serve your needs best.

Why am I talking about this? Because trying to do all of the tips at once will eventually get overwhelming, there is after all, 101 of them!

Pick and choose, but do so with a clear goal in mind. Going for enhancing your genetic potential? Watch for tips on beating dementia, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Inner dispensary? Focus on building reserves of healing potential.  Have a clear goal but don’t know which ones to follow? Don’t worry, meditate on it and choose the ones that intuitively stand out.

At the end of my writing challenge I will be creating an ebook with a timetable and schedule for specific conditions to help you attain your goals and head in the right direction.

So what’s the ending of this story? How did fair on the motorcycle? After I finished the class, passed the road test and had my first solo ride, I sold the bike. It’s a scary road out there and I value my noggin far too much to risk looking in the wrong direction!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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