Creamy Edamame and Broccoli Soup

I love playing with my food. It started when I was young, watching mom follow a recipe from an exotic cookbook and then serving it with a flourish to my dad. Janice and I would ask him how it tasted and he’d always say it was extra good because mom put her sweetness in it.Dad has always appreciated food…with a passion! And mom indulged his tastebuds. She’d bring home magazines like Redbook and read them from cover to cover, picking out the recipes she wanted to try. I’ll never forget the day she discovered Lasagna, with a capital ‘L’. We thought we’d died and gone to heaven.

Today there are a plethora of magazines on cooking food. Vegetarian, vegan, allergy free, gluten free, fat full, carnivore, time saving and time consuming. I don’t buy them, but I do flip through them, looking for inspiration and ideas. While grocery shopping this afternoon, I found a lovely picture of unshelled edamame beans glistening with white drops of salt beside broccoli florets, and a bowl of cream of tomato soup. I was inspired.

I went home and created this recipe. It’s really, really simple, really, really good for you and it tastes delicious with just the right amount of snap from the lemon. I posted it on my website at

Let me know if I created a winner and rate it out of 10 frying pans!

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