Tip # ? Spatial Impairment and Building Your Brain

I heard this next tip in a biopsych class a few years ago. The instructor said that as we age our ability to make spatial judgements decreases. An example is walking down stairs. The older we get the more aware we are of holding on to the railing, or watching our feet take each step.

After that class I became hyper aware of how difficult it was for me to look up from the stairs, while I walked down them. Try it. Hold on to the railing just in case. There’s a hesitation, a tentativeness.

Later, I asked my instructor if I could reverse this spatial impairment. He said the most important thing to do is to be aware of walking down the stairs. Hold the railing, move slowly, and look up, not at your feet. Practice being aware of where your foot is in relation to the stairs. After awhile you will find your ability to walk stairs without looking does improve. He thinks we get used to looking at our feet as we skip down stairs so we slowly lose the ability to take them without looking. Practicing reactivates that spatial pathway so it becomes easier.

As in everything, if you don’t use it, you lose it! Just make sure you hold on to the railing while you get it back!

Next tip is a biggie, it’s on your love relationship. I share five principles of how a love relationship can build brain power. And it isn’t even Valentine’s Day!

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2 thoughts on “Tip # ? Spatial Impairment and Building Your Brain

  1. I can relate to the stair problem – thought is was just because I had broken my wrist some time ago and wished no repeats!! I’ll try the looking up technique…
    Thank, Beth!

    • Just hold on to the railing and look up on the last step, then when you’re comfortable with that one, add a step. I’ve been practicing that at the university! I’m sure I look funny as sometimes my feet hesitate plus I’m holding my head way up so I don’t peak! LOL

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