By now most readers have heard about the earthquake that hit Japan. The news media have been closely following the effects of the earthquake on the nuclear reactors in that area. As of now, several explosions and fires have been reported and the Japanese government has acknowledged that the amount of radiation released is definitely hazardous to human health.

This news has huge health implications to those of us living on the west coast of Canada. This is because prevailing winds can carry radioactive material to our coast in about a week’s time. The speed of arrival will depend on the speed of the winds. We should all be praying that much of the radioactive cloud dissipates or is washed out by rain before it reaches our coast.

Although no one has any idea of the amount of radiation we will be exposed to, the radioactive iodine that is part of the fallout has the potential to damage the thyroid. The radioactive material can also cause fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever if the dosage is sufficiently high.

There are precautions we can take to prevent injury. The most important supplement that can protect us is iodine. The Center for Disease Control in the U.S. suggests that taking potassium iodide can prevent the absorption of radioactive iodine. Using a product that has both iodine and iodide is highly recommended. Our clinic carries a product with iodine and iodide.

It is vital to take iodine one or two days prior to exposure to radiation. If fallout continues, it may be necessary to take more than one dose. This will prevent the radioactive active iodine from binding to the tissues of the body and causing damage.

Iodine itself is toxic to the thyroid if it is taken in too high of a dose for a prolonged period of time. It is important to consult a healthcare provider to determine the dose that one should take and for what period of time.

I cannot stress how important it is for those choosing to take iodine to work with your ND or MD. The dose is different for babies, children and adults.

John Yim, ND

Spirulina and Chlorella or blue green algae are also known to have protective properties. Greens First has blue green algae in it so make sure you are taking it regularly. You can pick some up at the clinic if you’ve run out.

I will also be posting recipes for adding iodine rich sea vegetables into your diet. Stay posted.

Beth Hendry-Yim

3 thoughts on “Radiation-Iodine-Protection

  1. Is iodine in any amount recommended for people who are already hypothyroid and on medication? If I could make a suggestion – it might be a great time to do an evening talk on this subject with Q&A’s and with some of the preventative products available for purchase (via whoever has them). There is a lot of confusion about what is safe. I would certainly attend.

    • Will talk to John tonight. Thanks for the idea. We’re just working on the latest newsletter and I’m thinking we may need to add more things about what is happening in Japan. Not just about radiation but also about dealing with disaster and the stress we are experiencing.
      Meditation night is coming up we may host it at a larger venue so more people can come and sit a positive and safe intention.
      Thanks again Janet!

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