Pets and Protection

John and I will be sharing ideas about natural defense in this toxic world, including how to protect against radiation, at the talk on Wednesday in Nanaimo. For those of you who are not here, I will attempt ( with my limited techie ability) to record the talk. If you are subscribed you’ll be notified when I have it done and posted.

I have also been getting questions about protecting our pets. I am not a vet, nor do I have extensive knowledge about dog physiology but here are a few safe things that I am doing for my darlings! I know nothing about cats so I would suggest speaking with your vet about protecting them.

1. Add 1 tablespoon of kelp or dulse (from Canadian waters) to their breakfast.
2. Three times a week the sheltie gets two apples and the border collie gets three apples (not all at once, but throughout the week). The apple pectin can help bind certain types of radiation (John will be talking about that on Wednesday)
3. I feed my dogs raw food that includes yams and greens. If you do not do raw, grate and grind up the yam and greens with cooked food.
4. My babies both get raw herring two times a week. If you don’t do raw than get a fish oil for them.
5. Dogs can do Vitamin C, I give each of mine a dose once a week that is appropriate for their weight. This may increase depending on their toxic exposure.

Our government is saying our risk of exposure is not an issue, however, my main concern is exposure from toxins brought here in food and containers carrying food. Always be aware of where your pet’s food is from. Island Natural in Nanaimo carries a product made in British Columbia using mostly ingredients from Canada. You may want to check them out.

This event in Japan, though horrific, impresses upon us the importance of consuming local foods and avoiding processed foods made with ingredients from all over the globe. Simple and plain is best for animals and their humans.

If I get any more info on protecting your pets I will forward! If anyone has information they would like to share, please, please do so here. My dogs are my mid life kid replacements and my darlings, any info would be appreciated.

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