#31 Romance and the TV?

Mindlessly watching television puts our brains to sleep, lulls us into an unhealthy, unconscious state. In your lifetime you will probably spend up to fifteen years sitting in front of the TV absorbing someone else’s idea on family, relationships and anger management. Fifteen years! Now, if TV actually grew your brain, it would be a wonderful way of combining entertainment with brain growth. Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works. In fact, the opposite may be true.
Observe what happens when you watch TV. Eventually, you become a passive observer, flicking between channels, seduced into an automaton state of being. It’s very addictive. The combination of surfing the channels, short 2-3 second segments and flashy, 30 second commercials in quick succession draws us in and gets us hooked. It actually can put us into a trance state, where we are highly suggestible. It’s not a great environment for building concentration and attention or good values.
We want our brains awake, conscious and focused. In order to grow your brain, your neurons need to be stimulated, motivated to consider different viewpoints and perspectives. It needs to be challenged to make new associations and connect old information with new knowledge.
The next time you turn on the boob tube make it your intention to grow your brain. Consider watching a program with depth, something thought provoking that could stimulate conversation. During the commercials, discuss the hidden messages in the ads. And look beyond the main characters to the set behind them. Notice anomalies or further ad placement. Most importantly, keep your mind active, don’t let the TV hypnotize you; instead use it as a tool to better your mind.
Of course, there is always the choice to turn the TV off! Imagine what you could get up to, a walk around the block, a game with the kids, romance?!!!

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