Why do We Eat Crap?

Why do we eat unhealthy, crappy food? We know it isn’t good for us; that it could potentially kill us with dubious ingredients, and that the marketers and manufacturers of these products don’t have our best interests at heart. Yet the junk food, processed food industry is a trillion dollar economic monolith, due to our loyal and unflagging support.

Why? Because smart and unethical marketers, manufacturers and scientists know how your vision, olfaction, taste, and brain work! They know how easy it is to create an addictive pathway. They’ve studied it! They know how to enhance the flavour of a food product by stimulating taste receptors with specific chemicals. They know how scent is powerful and stimulates salivation. They know how and what neurotransmitters are released when you eat something tasty.

You are an open book and corporations wanting to capitalize on that free information use that knowledged to get into your head and your pocket book.

Do you know what is in your food? Do you know how much research goes in to making you drop your buck on an unhealthy food choice? Do you care? You may start caring when you find out that components of fetal stem cells are used as natural flavouring. Yep! Forget scientific high ground, using stem cells for regrowing spinal cords or curing Parkinson’s…nope, manufacturers of process food are using them to control and manipulate you; finding better ways of seperating you from your cash.

Check this out. http://www.examiner.com/finance-examiner-in-national/is-the-food-you-buy-enhanced-with-flavors-derived-from-aborted-fetal-cells

I’m doing more research on this so stay tuned!

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