Anguillla Beaches

Well, I started writing on facebook but my update got so long I decided to do a blog entry instead. We have arrived in Anguilla. I must say the resort is rather lavish with wood decor, rattan furniture and large bathrooms…three of them.

I just figured out how to start the gas stove and am cooking up some rice and fried chicken we had delivered to the room before we got here.It was nice to have food in the kitchen and not have to worry about finding a way to the grocery store.

We arrived in St. Maartens early, without too much ado and little turbulence. We had more shaking on the trip from Victoria to Seattle. In fact, just as we boarded an announcement suggested that due to the heavy wind and rough seas we should come to the front counter and get a $.25 dose of drugs for seasickness. I wasn’t going to bother but Susan has issues with motion sickness so she took one. When our seat neighbours heard i wasn’t going to take any, they begged me to reconsider as the trip from Seattle to Victoria for them had been hellish. With people vomitting in the aisles. I opted for not embarrassing myself!

After we boarded the plane in Seattle I took a sleeping pill and dosed off and on for the 5.45 hour trip. I even lay down on the Charlotte airport floor to sleep off the residuals. Unfortunately, for some reason, i had major issues with restless legs and had difficulty keeping still.

Flying to St. Maarten I took a Benadryl thinking that would help the restless legs. It didn’t but I slept better. But, apparently I missed quite a show. I was sitting on the aisle seat and missed a magnificent double rainbow arching over the island. Susan missed it to as we were also sitting over the wing.

Customs and immigration moved quickly and before we knew it we were driving through the streets of St. Maarten’s airport town. I called ‘shotgun’ and got to sit up front. I peppered the driver with questions about farming and food producing. He said there was a chicken producing farm but the soil isn’t very fertile here so even gardening is hard to do. He said his mom just grows tomatoes and peppers.

Pointing out a yacht at anchor in the harbour the driver said it cost $500,000 to charter the boat….for one day….and that doesn’t include the food and crew! I wonder what it’s like to have that kind of money?

The ferry trip from St. Maarten’s to Anguilla was very exciting with huge swells and a stiff wind. Some of the passengers were very anxious and, if the trip had been longer, would have been heaving over the side. Three Frigate birds followed us weaving in and out of the updrafts.

I’m now going to join Susan at poolside for a nice moonlit swim in the pool. We’re not on the beach so no midnight swim with Jaws for me.

Please let mom/nana know that I arrived safe, sound and not feeling too tired.

Love to all.

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