Does it Ever End?

If anyone has had renovations done you’ll understand. It started four years ago.

I wanted to put a kitchen in the basement, teach cooking classes and eventually have an income generator in a basement suite. We put new cabinets in, a new tile countertop, fridge, stove and painted the walls a lovely shade of peaceful sage.

Two years ago we decided to finally get rid of the old cedar paneling in the living room upstairs and install a free standing woodstove. Wonderful! We’re very happy with how it turned out.

This past summer we added two new rooms and turned an existing room into an ensuite. They’re beautiful. I now have my own office and a gorgeous new sauna. No complaints!

Now we just added a shower to the basement bathroom, two new rooms downstairs and painted a lovely shade of soothing light butter cream on all the walls.

Take a walk upstairs, nice living room, nice dining room, great hall, awesome bedrooms but the kitchen looks about as appetizing as burnt toast! Oh and the fridge is leaking so there’s a wet towel on the floor in front of it, the dishwasher broke a year ago and the stove has only two working elements, the other day I almost burned the house down.

We need a new kitchen.

Then there’s the flashing at the front door we have dry rot, pretty soon we’ll be able to see daylight through a hole in the wall.

Does it ever end? I know our credit limit has and so much for a new/used car.

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