Dogs The Drugless High

Feel the Rush?

In my family I’m known as a little odd. With good reason. I have an unwavering devotion for anything canine. My home doesn’t feel complete without the unmistakable scent of dog and white pants aren’t ready wear unless they have two paw prints planted on each leg.

I don’t function well without my shadow (Nike) and my soulmate (Willie). You know what I mean. If you’re reading this you’re as obsessed with dogs as I am. And like you I often wonder how I got this way.

Two years ago I found out. It’s all because of neurochemicals or naturally occurring brain drugs. According to science, when we’re around our dogs we get a big rush of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Thing is, the dogs get it too. It’s a mutually enhancing, loveable moment for all parties. We don’t even have to touch a dog to get that rush, looking at pictures of dogs or watching dogs and partners at work does the same thing (no jokes here). Clearly a beneficial partnership dog people have tapped in to for centuries for a drugless high.

Now when my family rolls there eyes after I refuse to leave a dog behind or drive long distances for special food or miss social events for another trial, I smile, nod, pet the nearest dog, and feel….all right man!

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