Dissapearing Medicines

One of the most Potent Herbal Remedies: Self Heal

Think climate change and crop failure go hand in hand? What about loss of medicinal herbs? We forget that many medicines have herbs as their base. What happens when the climate heats up and changes habitat?

It is vital that we learn about local medicines; how to harvest, preserve and use. Most are simple to find and transform into powerful remedies.

Spring of 2013 I will be teaching a Basic Spring Medicinal Wildcrafting workshop. You’ll take herbs from the wild and create your own dispensary items from tinctures to salves. The course will be six hours broken in to three-two hour sessions.

The cost is only $110.00. Dates will be dependent on weather but will take place on a Saturday or Sunday. Two days in the field and one in my Healing Kitchen training facility. The class will hold ten people. Sign up now with a deposit of $50.00 and you’ll receive my pocket guide for medicinal plant identification.

We can’t afford to lose this information or fail to pass it on to future generations. The workshop is presented by Meza Health Systems, Inc. and Dr. John and Beth Yim.

Contact me through Facebook to reserve your spot. Beth Hendry-Yim

One thought on “Dissapearing Medicines

  1. Hi Beth I missed this one. I don’t suppose there are any spots left in your maximum of ten people for this course? Please let me know and the $50.00 is instantly yours. Thanks Anne Pavlasek

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