Beth Yim

Beth Yim

Beth Hendry-Yim is an award winning writer and speaker and small business owner who has lived, worked and played in Nanaimo for almost thirty years.

A freelance writer, her articles have been published in magazines and newspapers including: Island Parent, WestCoast Family, Natural Life, Nanaimo News Bulletin, and backofthebook.com. With her husband, Dr. John Yim, she manages two websites focused on promoting science based natural medicine and healthy living: healthy-living-coach.com and thehealingkitchen.ca. She has also published two books: Fresh Start: A Guide for Healthy Living and Everybody’s Guide to Meditation and Self-Healing.

As an advertorial specialist, Beth combines her passion for positive reporting with interviewing and highlighting motivational and energetic people and organizations. She never tires of hearing and sharing their stories or showcasing their innovative business success.

Currently, she is working on a project celebrating local farmers and food producers, Eat Local, Live Longer on Vancouver Island. Find out more at http://www.eatlocallivelonger.com

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  1. Beth: I am hearing that things we eat from the sea are all mercury laden and worse, so when trying to ingest iodine etc. is there anything else?

    Thanks, Genya

    • There is seaweed extract which contains iodine. As well as seaweed itself. Fears of mercury make sense, but it is usually seen in fish that are higher up the food chain. Haven’t heard of mercury being found in plants as it’s molecule may be too large for the plant to take up. I would focus on the sea vegetables and not worry about contamination at this point.
      Spirulina and Chlorella are also indicated with radiation exposure, so you might want to try taking it. Both are blue green algae and a food. Most importantly, see your naturopath or medical doctor to ensure both are right for you.

      John is also advising people to up their MAX accelerator to help ramp up the cells antioxidant power. I’ll have him talk about that tonight too! He’s going to shoot me! He doesn’t enjoy writing as much as I do, but he is the ultimate authority and knowledge guru on how this stuff works in the body.

  2. Hi Beth, Jordan here. Of Jordan and Carmen. I just watched just an amazing video “Back to Eden,” about gardening. I highly recommend it as it answers your question about a self-sustainable form of nutrient for the soil. Please share as it seems we all can accomplish this simple method of farming. Great hanging out for that lovely dinner. Keep me up to date on any food/gardening related happenings in Nanaimo. My email is jarthurc@gmail.com. Cheers Jordan

    Link to video.

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